Our Story

Our story began when a scientist named Byron and an animal-lover named Sian crossed paths on a business program in 2012 and with a stroke of luck, a spark of creative inspiration and destiny, Snouts & Pouts was born. They wanted to build a business that contributes to the wellbeing of others, our environment and create products that make life safe, beautiful, clean and a little brighter. More than that, they are doers! Snouts & Pouts is bringing together the powerful, innovative technology of Micro-Fresh® to the world of lifestyle pet products.

Having dogs is a privilege, a joy and they most definitely make a house a home. As dog owners ourselves, we do know the heart wrenching panic that sets in when the doorbell rings and while you're reaching for the fabric freshener you're wondering whether you can smell your furry friends. We're so proud to present our first range of anti-odour dog beds and believe the beds should be seen, not smelled.

What's inside

The technology behind Micro-Fresh® is in the innovative formula that inhibits the growth and spread of bacteria. Applied to our products at manufacture, Micro-Fresh® prevents bacteria contaminating your dog bed and therefore prevents offensive odours to ensure that your home stays fresh as a daisy. Micro-Fresh® lasts for the lifetime of the product giving you a long lasting dog bed that won’t offend your guests. We say you should see it, not smell it.

The chemicals used in MIcro-Fresh® are natural, raw and sustainable products that are kind to human and animal skin. Micro-Fresh® promise to keep your products fresher for longer!

To find out more about Micro-Fresh® technology visit www.microfreshinternational.com or click on the link below.

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  • Effectve against 99.9% bacteria
  • Reduce or eliminate bad odours
  • Lasts for useful life of the product (up to 50 washes)
  • Natural, sustainable ingredients
  • Kind to human skin too
  • Kind to the environment

"I love animals and would buy a zoo if my husband would let me! Instead I live at home with my dogs, two giant dobermans who are the most loving creatures. As an animal owner, I've always been paranoid and worried about the smell that comes along with having pets in the home (or the car!). I finally get to answer this quandary for myself and all my fellow pet owners who love their furry friends but not their particular odours left behind on their beds.

Sian Lenegan Co-Founder and Product Officer

Our Team

Byron Dixon

Co-Founder & Technical Director

Byron is the brains (and beauty) behind the operations, he's our chief scientist and father to Chelsea, a lively little Westie. Can you tell what football team he supports?

Sian Lenegan

Co-Founder & Product Designer

Sian is the head honcho of product design and is super proud of her Lex and Rio, two larger-than-life doberman pinschers.


Product Tester

Lex is our chief product tester! He likes to cosy up and relax in his Snouts & Pouts dog bed after a big steak dinner (in his dreams).