Choosing the perfect dog bed for your furry friend

Posted on 12-04-2018 by admin

Snuggling in a warm bed on a winter day, crashing out after a big walk. There’s nothing like a comfortable bed and that’s just as true for our dogs as it is for us. Dogs are active animals so after a day of exploring, sniffing and playing they spend even more time sleeping so the perfect dog bed is pretty important.

How do you choose the best dog bed? Think about your dog’s age, size, habits and other things like your decor and where the bed will be. As dog owners, help your dogs to get the important downtime they need so they have somewhere quiet and comfortable to snooze and no disturbances are key. Here are our tips for choosing the perfect dog bed and the things you need to think about.

Tips for choosing the perfect dog bed


 You’ve got to be able to wash the dog bed or at least the bed cover. We recommend washing at least twice a month to keep your dog’s bed fresh. [can help with odours, dirt, allergies of both the people in your house and your pet]

Luckily with our anti-odour dog beds treated with MicroFresh, you can safely wash your dog bed at 30° and it will help to control and reduce odours.


If you’re lucky enough to have more than one dog, have a think about whether the dogs like to share or whether they like their own space. We had two wonderful and very large Dobermans, they had their own beds but they always wanted to share so we ended up getting them a larger bed to cuddle up.

perfect dog bed


Think about where your dog likes to sleep and where the dog bed will be placed in the home. If it’s on carpet or hardwood flooring you’ll want to make sure it doesn’t slip. Some beds do come with an anti-slip backing but you might want to put a matt or a rug down for your furry friend. The last thing you want to do is order your dog a new bed and then not know where you’re going to put it.

Our dogs used to love sleeping in the corner of the room with their backs to the wall where they could see the doors. Sometimes our old girl would drag her bed into the little ray of sunlight through the window.

For humans, it’s not just a sales pitch when mattress companies say you spend a third of your life in bed… The same is true for your furry friends so make sure they have a safe, comfortable place for them to rest and sleep soundly.

Measure your pet

If you can, measure your pet from nose to tail. This will help you to choose the right size bed, and as our Chelsea bed comes in 3 different sizes this is important! Does your dog like to stretch out or curl up when they sleep? If they like to stretch out, it might be better to get them a slightly bigger bed so they can do this comfortably but if they like to curl up, a smaller rounded bed would be ideal. If you’re buying for a puppy too, remember they’re going to grow a little (or in some cases a lot!). Dog beds aren’t just used for sleeping either, remember they use them to lounge and chew their toys too. If in doubt, we’d always suggest going up a size though!

Your style!

Realistically your dog doesn’t care if their bed has a pattern on it or not, as long as it’s comfortable they’re happy creatures. Our Chelsea bed comes in a classic hazelnut and oatmeal with a reversible cushion that’s cosy and comfortable with fleece on one side. It’ll fit in well with pretty much any decor or style you have in your home so our dog bed will look like it was always supposed to be in your stylish home!

Get your dog used to their bed!

Sometimes it can take a while for a dog to settle into their new bed but if you’ve gone to the trouble of finding the perfect dog bed you want them to enjoy it. You can introduce them slowly with treats or sometimes they can choose not to sleep in their own bed because they’re too hot even if they find it the most comfortable thing in the world. With our Chelsea bed, one side is fleecy and the other is a cooler hazelnut making it perfect all year round. Try putting some of their toys or blankets into it to so your pets can be reassured by familiar smells. We tried this out with our puppy (@cuteasabiscuit on Instagram if you’re interested!) to get her used to her bed and it’s worked an absolute treat!

Finding the right size bed!

To find the perfect dog bed size measure from their nose to the base of their tail and then from their height from the top of their head to floor. Multiply each of these measurements by 1.25 for the minimum recommended length and depth of the bed you need, this allows your dog to curl up or stretch out, however they like to sleep!

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