How To Make Your Home Dog Friendly

Posted on 14-09-2017 by admin


We all love our pets unconditionally, that’s stating the obvious. Whether you’ve got a four legged friend living with you or you’ve got one coming to visit, there are a few little things you can do to make sure you and man’s best friend are as comfortable as possible and you have a dog friendly home. So what would our tips be?

What’s the best flooring?

So we wouldn’t suggest giving your house a makeover to make it a dog friendly home if say, your best friends dog is coming to visit for the weekend, this one is more for the permanent variety. The general rule of thumb is, the harder the better. Tiling is a great option because it’s pretty resistant to any potential scratch marks. It also acts as a great place for your dog to nap when the weather gets a little warmer (we know this is a rare occasion in the UK).

Whilst we all love the plush warmth of carpet, this is probably the kind of surface you want to avoid when getting a dog. It will cling onto all dog hair and is pretty good at also holding on to bacteria. So because of this it can be a major contributor to human allergies in the home.

Avoid White!

And any other light coloured fabrics! Delicate fabrics are probably something that should also be avoided. What do we suggest? Leather upholstery is a good choice because of its sturdiness, doesn’t absorb odour and is wipe clean.

 Keep Valuables Out Of Reach

If you have anything that can be easily broken, you need a safe place for it. Ideally up high and behind a shut door from our experience. Dogs can get pretty excited, especially when they are young or when you come home or when it’s time for a walk, but you get the picture. They will play with just about anything.

Invest In A Good Vacuum Cleaner

If you’ve got a dog with longer hair or that sheds a lot you will quickly understand that their hair will get everywhere and you will need to do regular vacuuming. When it comes to their grooming, you could cut down a little by doing it outside but we know this isn’t always practical. It can help to cut down on the amount of hair you find on your carpets and furniture.


Get Rid of Household Toxins  

Any strong cleaners or chemicals you use should be kept well out of reach of your dogs. It’s not just the obvious you have to think about, a lot of plants are also poisonous to dogs. The most common? Mistletoe, Philodendron and Poinsettia. If your dog happens to eat any poisonous plants you should always go straight to your vet.


Our last and best tip of all? Make sure they have their own space and the most comfortable dog bed of all. We have a couple of pretty good options though.