Tips to help nervous dogs through Bonfire night

Posted on 05-11-2015 by admin

It’s not uncommon for dogs to be frightened of fireworks and Bonfire Night can be particularly stressful for dogs. The fireworks are not only loud but there are bright lights and smells which all create stress and anxiety. Take some extra steps to ensure your furry friends’ safety and keep an eye on your nervous dogs during the festivities.

During the stress of fireworks, running away can be your dog’s survival instinct kicking in. Dogs can run away so please secure your home or garden and make sure your dog has an identification tag and is microchipped.

Tips to help dogs through fireworks :

Have a create or safe haven for your dog to hunker down for the evening. You can keep him or her company during the evening. Send calming messages to your dog, don’t make a big deal or show excitement over the commotion. If the pack leader says there’s nothing to be worried about then your dog will be less concerned too.

At home, our dogs have been quite well acclimatised to fireworks and they don’t tend to make a fuss. It doesn’t hurt to close the curtains and turn the TV up a little louder than normal.

Before dark, take your dog on a nice long walk. This way they’ll be worn out and ready to relax when it’s dark and before the fireworks start.

If your dog is particularly nervous at this time of year, speak to your vet about sedation. There are also plug in solutions which can be used to provide a calming effect. We hope this would be a last resort but some furry friends need a little more help than others.

Enjoy your bonfire night, be safe and look after your furry friend.